Fractional Management Consultant. Do You Need One? Infographic

Fractional Management Consultant

Wherever you go now in the business world there are new buzz words – CFO, COO, CMO, CTO. Add another one – Fractional Management Consultant related to Business Management Consultancy. Small, medium, and enterprise companies are tapping into the benefits derived from fractional executives and fractional management. For many B2B, there is the added lack … Read more

Why Create A Business Plan? How This Helps Growth           

Why Create A Business Plan

Many business owners frequently ask the question -Why create a business plan? A business plan is a necessary foundational step in the journey of every business. It forces a critical evaluation of every area of the business. Moreover, it defines the customer,  product or services, market size,  biggest competitors, operations, management structure, marketing plan and … Read more

Benefits of Business Process Mapping. The Best

Benefits of Process Mapping

There are several benefits of Business Process Mapping which is a powerful tool used to visually document the steps in a current process from beginning to the end. It identifies people involved, their roles, inputs, available controls, and outputs. Mapping sets a baseline to the current state of a business from which improvement initiatives can … Read more

Cause of Small Business Failure. How Broken Processes Contribute

Cause of small business failure

The major cause of small business failure and inefficiencies are broken processes. Many processes in these businesses were created by default rather than by design. They have however remained in that state even in business growth, compounding into business chaos. Customers today have a choice as to which business they would like to do business … Read more


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