How to Create a Small Business Compliance Program – 6 Steps

Small Business Compliance Program

To create a small business compliance program should not be a cumbersome exercise. This is understandably so because a small business is different from larger organizations that have a long list of regulations and standards they must comply with while running the business. Compliance is important. The goal of compliance is to prevent problems related … Read more

Benefits of An Internal Audit – How to Continuously Improve

Benefits of An Internal Audit

Understanding the benefits of an internal audit help enhance and protect business integrity through risk-based internal controls, objective assurance, and recommendations for continuous improvement. Many employees do not like these audits as they view them as being conducted for punitive purposes.  This is increasingly being debunked as internal audits are seen to operate in a … Read more

Why An Internal Audit? – How to Assess Operational Processes

Why an Internal Audit

Many small businesses typically ask why an internal audit is required, derived from the belief that it is generally only necessary in larger, more complex businesses. Without fully understanding what an internal audit can help to improve, it is difficult to see value in the exercise.  Businesses that are constantly in a process of churn … Read more

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