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What We Do

BCINC works with you to get to the root cause of your business pain points and course correct with proven, tailored business and process management improvement tools to get the results you desire and reduce costs.

We Use Tailored Solutions

  • Internal Operational Audits
  • Business Processes Mapping
  • Create, Repair, or Improve Management Systems
  • Align Roles & Responsibilities
  • Standardize Processes
  • Streamline & Optimize Processes
  • Personal and Team Productivity
  • Regulatory Compliance Management
  • Develop Business Plans
  • Strategic Planning
  • Lean Six Sigma

Common Process Challenges

  • Don't know where to start improvement
  • Non aligned or integrated core processes
  • Bottlenecks in Operations
  • Duplicate processes and procedures
  • Non-conformance / Non-compliance
  • High employee attrition
  • Significant equipment downtime
  • Non-aligned roles & responsibilities
  • Losing customers/ clients due to poor customer experience

We provide services in 3 core areas to yield higher ROI and grow your business






Obtain Clarity

Pinpoint areas to improve and eliminate guesswork about areas to provide greatest benefit and ROI

Clearly Define Roles & Responsibilities

Improve management organization and structure to eliminate lack of task and process accountablities

Processess Mapping

Create objective visualizations of the current state of the business end-to-end core processes and activity owners, and improve to desired state of operations.

Streamline & Optimize

Streamline duplicate, overlapping, and redundant processes and optimize to improve work process efficiency, customer experience, and increase profit margins

Standardize Processes & Procedures

Save time and money by standardizing repetitive and non-repetitive processes with documented procedures and other quality documentation.

Create Efficient Management Systems

Remove process and system frustrations with bottlenecks caused by poor management systems (quality, document, equipment, etc...) and reduce waste

Conduct Operational Audits

Identify areas of regulatory and in-house non-compliance, opportunities for improvement in team productivity and operational management systems.

Plan for Success - Business Plan & Strategic Planning

Create a foundational business plan for loans or investors, or course correct if you never even had one. We assist you with strategic planning and implementation and help you track progress toward your long-term goals.


We Offer Digital Workbooks

View our collection of workbooks which serve as a step-by-step guide.

Conduct Effective Self Business Assessment

Benefits of Improving Your Business Processes

  • Strategic Clarity
  • Reduced Waste
  • Higher Quality Products & Services
  • Improved Business Performance
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Improved Customer Experience
  • Higher Employee Retention
  • Higher Return on Investment

Check Out Our Client Testimonials

Nelson Liem
President & Founder - Exmerce

"I am very impressed with BCINC Canada teaching and helping us to get organized with our process improvements and document management system. Cecilia always brings a positive attitude, and has been very resourceful and helpful in completing the project and delivering what she had set out to do. She is an expert in this field, and I would highly recommend BCINCs services to any business looking to define and improve their process improvement, and to also set up a documentation management system to be better organized as a company"

Ryan Hansen
Owner - Hansen Plumbing & Heating

We recently had BCINC Canada guide us through building a proper business plan. It was a lot of work to complete but we felt it was very necessary for our business growth. We are very thankful to BCINC Canada for all the hard work put into this project. Very professional and excellent service."

Patrick O'Grady
Client - Legal Services

Cecilia is a professional business woman who is able to assist business owners in progressing towards their goals. Highly recommended!

Lanre Lawal
Client - Not-for-Profit

She is a professional to the core, reliable and dedicated. I have known her for the past 7 years, she is an embodiment of peace and patience in service.

Jennifer Zalzal
CEO Zalzal Designs

Cecilia is a professional and a pleasure to work with. Highly recommend


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