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Are you tired of constant overwhelm, losing employees or customers, and operating in a disorganized environment?
BCINC helps business owners streamline their systems and processes, so they can eliminate stress, save time, energy and money without compromising quality We work with you to create “order from the disorder” of your broken processes and systems by first getting to the root cause of your business pain points. We then help course correct with proven, tailored business and process management improvement tools to fix the problem and get the results you desire. Having the clarity of what needs to be done removes guesswork, and saves you from unnecessary spend. We help you reduce costs.

Transform How You Do Business

Your Common Pain Points

Don’t know where to start improvement
Non-aligned or non-integrated core processes
Bottlenecks in operations
Duplicate processes and procedures
Constantly looking for documents
Constantly losing employees
Significant Equipment downtime
Non-alignment of roles & responsibilities
Losing customers or clients due to poor customer experience

Tailored Solutions We Use

Internal operational audits
Business processes mapping
Creating, repairing, or improving management systems
Aligning roles & responsibilities
Standardizing processes
Streamlining and optimizing processes
Improving personal and team productivity
Managing regulatory compliance
Developing business or Operational plans
Creating strategic plans
Applying Lean Six Sigma methodologies…and more

Transform How You Do Business

BCINC helps business owners streamline their systems and processes without compromising quality,
so they can eliminate stress, save time, energy, and money

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Fix Your Broken Systems and Processes to Reduce Costs

We provide services in 3 core areas to reduce costs, yield higher ROI (return on investment), and grow your business

Obtain Clarity

Pinpoint areas to improve and eliminate guesswork about areas to provide greatest benefit and ROI

Clearly Define Roles & Responsibilities

Improve management organization and structure to eliminate lack of task and process accountablities

Processess Mapping

Create objective visualizations of the current state of the business end-to-end core processes and activity owners, and improve to desired state of operations.

Streamline & Optimize

Streamline duplicate, overlapping, and redundant processes and optimize to improve work process efficiency, customer experience, and increase profit margins

Standardize Processes & Procedures

Save time and money by standardizing repetitive and non-repetitive processes with documented procedures and other quality documentation.

Conduct Operational Audits

Identify areas of regulatory and in-house non-compliance, opportunities for improvement in team productivity and operational management systems.

Create Efficient Management Systems

Remove process and system frustrations with bottlenecks caused by poor management systems (quality, document, equipment, etc...) and reduce waste

Plan for Success - Business Plan & Strategic Planning

Create a foundational business plan for loans or investors, or course correct if you never even had one. We assist you with strategic planning and implementation and help you track progress toward your long-term goals.


After mapping out processes and workflows, provide a new level of understanding and analysis of business operations to help identify improvement touchpoints.

Our clients benefit from our expertise in regulatory, quality, environmental, and occupational health and safety management to bring a holistic perspective to their business problems

We provide consulting with a difference, as we are not averse to rolling up our sleeves to tackle your operational problems. Become a forward-thinking business by reaching out to us

We Assess, Analyze, Prioritize, Execute, Deliver,

We Offer Digital Workbooks

View our collection of workbooks which serve as a step-by-step guide to getting your desired outcomes.


Conduct A Quick And Easy Business Self Assessment To Know The Current State Of Your Business


After mapping out our processes and workflows, Asim has given us a new level of understanding and analysis for our business. He has been professional and punctual, and we highly recommend him.


Stratan Consulting has helped us immensely. We are looking to implement better process flows and procedures within our company. They have assisted us every step of the way. From initial mapping to suggestions for improvements, to implementation of the proposed improvements, Stratan Consulting delivers above and beyond!


As a digital solutions agency, our decision making is highly reliant on data consolidation. Stratan Consulting gave us a customized data strategy road-map, allowing us to automate data capturing and implement it in our day to day operational decisions.



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