Business Development Service

To provide Business Development Service, BCINC first take an inventory to determine what is working and what is not before applying solutions


Management Systems

Business Development Service
Integrated management systems

Call BCINC when pressures of over dependency on the owner or other roles for approvals, reviews, work progress, equipment & deadlines result in overwhelm. We repair or improve processes and create a management system such as quality, safety environmental, document, equipment to meet company objectives.

Integrated Management Systems

An Integrated Management System (IMS) combines all aspects of business systems, processes & Standards into one smart system. BCINC Canada will assist to streamline and integrate all your stand-alone management systems, remove redundancies, save time, reduce costs & increase efficiency with one IMS

Quality Management System

BCINC Canada is ready when delays, errors, rejects and rework affect customer deliverables, to create a quality management system built on necessary business processes focused on consistently meeting customer requirements, enhancing their satisfaction and improving overall customer experience


How to Improve Your Document Management System

Equipment Management

Equipment management systems allow you to track and manage the tools and small equipment that help your business succeed. BCINC Canada is here to improve  equipment management – preventive and maintenance planning and expenses to  maximize efficiency and, eliminate downtime to increase your ROI

Equipment Downtime

BCINC Canada is here to help you get to the true cause of Equipment downtime when equipment are not working, whether that’s a result of unplanned equipment failure (like a faulty or broken part, or planned necessary downtime for preventive maintenance). Lost man hours can bite deep into your profit


Strategic Planning

BCINC will help develop the context of the current strategic position of your business, set goals, prioritize objectives, develop assumptions, research ways to achieve objectives, select a preferred plan of action, develop a supporting plan,  identify monitoring metrics, & finally implement.

Business Plans

Your business development plan is your GPS It sets goals for growth with milestones for achievements. BCINC will guide you through the business planning process by assessing your business strengths, weaknesses (SWOT)/mitigations, industry/market trends, competitors, goods, services & strategies

Operational Planning Process

BCINC is here to help you develop a practical operational plan outlining the key activities and targets you will conduct usually on a weekly or daily basis over a one-year period. The plan focus is on research and preparation, marketing, logistics, human resources, and budget.


Operations Documents – Business Development Service

Multiple duplicate standard operating procedures in use by different departments could be the cause of bottlenecks affecting the customer experience.

Improve customer experience by streamlining your processes and procedures. A happy customer is a returning customer and one who is likely to refer your business to others.

BCINC Canada is certified in technical writing and will help develop and document a wide variety of business documents including  Business plans, Strategic Plans, Company policies, Operating procedures and checklists,  Operating manuals,  Quality manuals, Maintenance and preventive plans, Sub-Contractor Agreements etc. Ask us if you have something specific in mind.

Business Development Services For Startups

Ask about our Document Package bundle for startups.

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