How to Measure a Process – Process Effectiveness Metrics

The Process of Optimization

A common question many businesses ask is how to measure a process and which key or good business metrics to use.  Process metrics provide quantitative and qualitative statistics to assess and improve operational performance . You can only make meaningful and informed decisions by using the right metrics for your processes. Too many businesses tend … Read more

How To Restore Order To Your Business – Create a Business Plan

How to Restore Control to Your Business

When asked how to restore control to your business, many small business owners are at a loss, because it appears as if they have exhausted all solutions. The simple response is to create a business plan but not the type required by investors or the banks for loans. This will help eliminate any self-inflicted chaos … Read more

Why Improve Processes? – Strange Myths You Hear

Why Improve Processes

Many business owners and executives constantly ask Business Process Improvement Specialists the question “Why improve processes?” Are you among this group? There are several strange myths about the field of process improvement. Many of these are often presented as the reasons why process related work is of extremely low priority to many business owners. The … Read more

What is Business Process Improvement – A Hype?

What is Business Process Improvement

What is Business Process Improvement? Is it a necessary cost of business or is it just a hype? Business Process Improvement will identify all forms of waste in critical business areas. These include time, resources and inefficient production cycles which create cost losses and reduce profit margins. The concept requires creating solutions to make the … Read more

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