Business Process Mapping Best Practices. Avoid these 8 Mistakes

Business Process Mapping Best Practices

Business Process Mapping Best Practices help accurately illustrate how tasks and resources are employed to transform inputs into outputs. Process maps that are developed can then be used to improve business efficiency and customer interactions. To deliver quality products or service, a business must operate efficient and effective business processes. When a company wishes to … Read more

The Most Common Mistakes in Business. How to Avoid Small Business Traps

The Most Common Mistakes in Business

There is a need to “Work Smart and Not Hard” and learning the most common mistakes in business from the experience of others and trying to avoid them is wise business management. Small businesses especially are more likely to fall into the trap of these common mistakes because of limited human, time, or financial resources. … Read more

Cause of Small Business Failure. How Broken Processes Contribute

Cause of small business failure

The major cause of small business failure and inefficiencies are broken processes. Many processes in these businesses were created by default rather than by design. They have however remained in that state even in business growth, compounding into business chaos. Customers today have a choice as to which business they would like to do business … Read more

Remove Chaos in Business. How to Use Visionary Planning

Chaos in Business

Chaos in business is usually deemed as self-inflicted when systems and processes have evolved by default rather than by design. Many of these individual, sometimes patchwork systems and processes, were developed for expediency to satisfy immediate needs as they arose. If your systems and processes cannot be consistently replicated, scaling of the business will be … Read more

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