Strategic Planning and Management – The Route to Success

Strategic Planning and Management

Every business should have a strategic plan, but strategic planning and management are not areas where most small businesses choose to invest much effort. Although the words “strategy” and “strategic” are often thrown around, many businesses operate without a defined, clearly communicated strategic plan. This should really come as not much of a surprise, because … Read more

Why Create A Business Plan? How This Helps Growth           

Why Create A Business Plan

Many business owners frequently ask the question -Why create a business plan? A business plan is a necessary foundational step in the journey of every business. It forces a critical evaluation of every area of the business. Moreover, it defines the customer,  product or services, market size, biggest competitors, operations, management structure, marketing plan and … Read more

Remove Chaos in Business – How to Use Visionary Planning

Chaos in Business

It can be challenging to remove chaos in business as it is usually self-inflicted when systems and processes have evolved by default rather than by design. Many of these individual, sometimes patchwork systems and processes, were developed for expediency to satisfy immediate needs as they arose. If your systems and processes cannot be consistently replicated, … Read more

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