Why An Internal Audit? How to Assess Operational Processes

Why an Internal Audit

Many small businesses typically ask why an internal audit is required, derived from the belief that it is generally only necessary in larger, more complex businesses. Without fully understanding what an internal audit can help to improve, it is difficult to see value in the exercise.  Businesses that are constantly in a process of churn … Read more

Benefits of Business Process Mapping. The Best

Benefits of Process Mapping

There are several benefits of Business Process Mapping which is a powerful tool used to visually document the steps in a current process from beginning to the end. It identifies people involved, their roles, inputs, available controls, and outputs. Mapping sets a baseline to the current state of a business from which improvement initiatives can … Read more

Business Process Mapping Best Practices. Avoid these 8 Mistakes

Business Process Mapping Best Practices

Business Process Mapping Best Practices help accurately illustrate how tasks and resources are employed to transform inputs into outputs. Process maps that are developed can then be used to improve business efficiency and customer interactions. To deliver quality products or service, a business must operate efficient and effective business processes. When a company wishes to … Read more

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