How to Conduct Business Processes Mapping – Why Bother?

How to Conduct Business Processes Mapping

To provide useful information to identify opportunities for improvement, it is essential to know how to conduct business processes Mapping as it will guide a business to make decisions about those improvements. They are a powerful visualization tool that speak the language of a thousand words IF they are of high quality and properly developed. … Read more

How to Automate Your Small Business Processes – Identify and Simplify First

How to Automate Your Small Business Processes

To automate your small business processes is not just a simple exercise of purchasing software. In isolation software will not solve the underlying problem of broken business processes, although they can help your business achieve efficiency through automation. The groundwork begins with identifying which processes would benefit from automation, repairing (if required) and simplifying those … Read more

Customer Experience Journey Map – Walk In Their Shoes

Customer Experience Journey Map

A customer experience journey map should be the heart of your business. It is not about how you think the customer sees your brand and interacts with it, rather it should show how they interact with your products or services and provide a window into the pain points they are facing that prevent them from … Read more

Why Improve Processes? – Strange Myths You Hear

Why Improve Processes

Many business owners and executives constantly ask Business Process Improvement Specialists the question “Why improve processes?” Are you among this group? There are several strange myths about the field of process improvement. Many of these are often presented as the reasons why process related work is of extremely low priority to many business owners. The … Read more

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