15 Qualities of a Good Office Chair – Review Your Choice

The qualities of a good office chair often go unnoticed, but their significance becomes evident when you experience issues like neck pain, shoulder discomfort, and poor posture.

In today’s tech-driven world, an increasing number of people find themselves spending the majority of their work hours seated in uncomfortable office chairs. This sedentary lifestyle contributes to weight gain, reduced physical fitness, and the development of various health issues.

While a sedentary lifestyle itself poses health challenges, an ill-suited office chair introduces an entirely new set of problems. Prolonged hours in an uncomfortable chair can lead to backaches, neck pains, and general discomfort due to improper posture.

The following guidelines provide small business owners assistance in selecting the right office chair, aiming to alleviate body aches, stiffness, and pains, and to improve your overall work experience.

The Perfect Office Chair

Is there really one? You can only benchmark a chair as perfect for you if you have considered the qualities of a good office chair.

The perfect office chair should be one that fits the natural contour of your back and moves with you, at the same time ensuring that your arms remain straight on your desk with your eyes level with your screen even when you recline on it.

Keep all this in mind even if you as a small business owner already have a ballpark dollar amount which you would like to spend. It should never be completely all about the price.

Getting Started

Purchasing an office chair can be likened to buying a car. Just as you would not purchase a car without taking it for a test drive, the same principle applies to selecting your office chair – you need to sit in it and get a feel for its comfort.

Like your car, you will spend a substantial amount of time in your office chair, whether for work, meetings, or simply toiling away at your desk.

It’s essential to approach your office furniture with the same level of consideration as you would when buying a car because the hours spent in that chair are significant. Therefore, your choice should be made wisely.

To make an informed decision, it is necessary to review guidelines outlining what to look for in your next office chair. Failure to do so might lead to discomfort and inconvenience down the road.

Many small business owners, including ourselves, sometimes bypass this step, swayed by flashy advertisements, and end up purchasing without a thorough understanding.

Unfortunately, what may initially seem comfortable can become the source of nagging back pain and discomfort in a week, two weeks, or even a month of use. Often, by the time you realize this, returning the chair can be costly due to its weight and size.

A high-quality office chair should exhibit various qualities to ensure comfort, support, and overall well-being for individuals who spend extended periods at their desks.

These qualities can be categorized into five main areas: design and ergonomics, durability and stability, aesthetics, maintenance, and cost.

Qualities of a Good Office Chair – Check Design and Ergonomics First

1. Ergonomics

This is the most critical factor. The chair should be adjustable to accommodate different body sizes and shapes, providing proper lumbar support, and promoting a neutral sitting posture.

Look for chairs with adjustable seat height, armrests, backrest angle, and lumbar support.

2. Breathable Material

Choose a chair with breathable upholstery, such as mesh or fabric, to prevent overheating and maintain comfort, especially during long work hours.

While leather looks good, it can create discomfort from sitting on it for extended periods especially if it is faux or bonded leather.

3. Comfortable Seat

The seat should be cushioned and comfortable for extended periods of sitting. It should have enough depth and width to support your body without feeling cramped.

You need to fit into the chair.  If you have to squeeze into the chair then it does not fit, no matter how comfortable it may seem once you are seated. 

There should be room between the armrests and your body.  In addition, the armrests need to interact with the desk.  A good office chair will have adjustable armrests.  What good are armrests if they are not useable or are uncomfortable to use? 

Quality armrests can help with tasks like reading and writing, and taking pressure and tension off the neck and shoulders.

The padding and design of the seat should be considered.  The front of the seat should have a rounded edge.  A straight horizontal front will cut off circulation on the backside of the knees. 

A good tip is that you should be able to slide your fingers between the inside of legs and the front edge of the seat.

Some chairs offer additional customization options, such as seat depth adjustments, seat angle adjustments, or memory foam cushions, allowing you to fine-tune the chair to your preferences. Check if the manufacturer provides these options if this is your preference.

4. Lumber Support

Your new chair should provide adequate back support.  Proper lumbar support helps maintain the natural curve of your spine. Look for chairs with adjustable lumbar support or built-in lumbar support that conforms to your lower back. 

The back support of the chair should remain the same as you move and recline in your chair.  A good office chair with proper back support will improve your posture and therefore eliminate or reduce back pain and stiffness. 

Selecting an office chair without adequate back support can cause back problems that could stay with you your entire life.

5. Adjustable Armrests

The armrests should be adjustable in height and width, allowing you to rest your arms comfortably and maintain a relaxed posture.

6. Height Adjustments

People are not all the same height; therefore, your office chair must have a height adjustment.  The specifications to adjust your office chair and to promote good posture are as follows:  thighs should be horizontal to the ground while both feet are on the ground and wrists should be straight while typing

If you cannot find an office chair height that allows both of the above, you may want to find a way to alter the height of your keyboard so that you can have straight wrists while typing and your body is aligned properly with the chair and the floor.

7. Swivel and Mobility

A good office chair should swivel easily and have smooth-rolling casters to enable mobility and easy access to different areas of your workspace.

Qualities of a Good Office Chair – How About Stability and Durability?

8. Stability

The base of the chair should be stable and durable, providing support and preventing tipping or wobbling.

Your chair must be stable.  Your chair tipping over when you are in it is not funny.  Serious and permanent injury can occur.  Look for a chair on wheels that swivels and a five-point base that will not flip you over on your head when you recline. 

9. Weight Capacity

Ensure that the chair can support your body weight, and check the manufacturer’s weight limit specifications.

10. Durability

A quality office chair should be built to last, with sturdy materials and construction. Look for chairs with a warranty that reflects the manufacturer’s confidence in the chair’s durability.

11. Reclining and Tilt Mechanism

Many office chairs come with a reclining and tilt mechanism, which allows you to lean back and relax during short breaks. Look for chairs with a lockable recline feature.

Do not Primarily Focus on Aesthetics

12. Aesthetics

While aesthetics may not be as crucial as ergonomic features, it’s essential that the chair complements your workspace’s decor and creates a professional and inviting atmosphere.

13. Adjustable Headrest

Some chairs come with adjustable headrests that provide neck and head support, which can be particularly helpful during extended work sessions.

14. Qualities of a Good Office Chair – Easy Maintenance

Consider chairs with easy-to-clean materials that can withstand spills and stains, making maintenance more straightforward.

15. Cost – Consider Affordable Office Chairs

As a small business owner, budget can be tight but it is still possible to find affordable office chairs within your reach.

While you do not necessarily need to break the bank, investing in a high-quality office chair is a wise choice as it can greatly enhance your comfort and productivity. Find a chair that offers the best balance of the good qualities of an office chair within your budget.

Ultimately, the right office chair should be tailored to your specific needs and preferences, providing the comfort and support required for your work tasks while promoting good posture and minimizing the risk of discomfort or injury.

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Take the time to review the qualities of a good office chair before you buy one. Your time investment will benefit you immensely. A good office chair will improve posture and eliminate aches and pains. Do not take chances!


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