How to Automate Your Small Business Processes – Identify and Simplify First

How to Automate Your Small Business Processes

To automate your small business processes is not just a simple exercise of purchasing software. In isolation software will not solve the underlying problem of broken business processes, although they can help your business achieve efficiency through automation. The groundwork begins with identifying which processes would benefit from automation, repairing (if required) and simplifying those … Read more

Document Management Framework – How to Develop

Document Management Framework

Every business needs a document management framework to streamline document creation and their management. It serves as the backbone for development of a document management system. This improves access to information, increases efficiency, reduces operating costs, protects critical information, ensures compliance, and diminishes litigation risk. The Document Management Framework This framework requires that you give … Read more

Small Business Document Management System – How to Begin Set Up        

Small Business Document Management System

If your business is getting buried under an excessive mass of paperwork, it is time to transition into a digital small business document management system. Your business activities continue to generate documents daily and these create risks through the possibility of lost or misplaced files, security issues,  or a lack of accountability in tracking. You … Read more

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